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General questions

What is so special about heatle?

You really need to try it to get the full experience. Heatle is the world's first device of its kind - the first smart liquid heater. It's the first device dedicated to heating any amount of any liquid to any temperature. And it's safe, simple and 360° sustainable. Heatle saves time, money, space, energy and the environment. The most special thing about heatle is, however, that it offers you as a customer the first real alternative. For decades, you've been offered the same technology: water kettles, cooktops, MW ovens and a variety of single-use e-waste that stacks up in your kitchen and landfills around the world. As of 2020 and thanks to heatle, if you decide to have an enjoyable and safe user experience for your and your family with a sustainable device that saves energy and replaces a ton of e-waste in your home, you finally have an option.

Which devices can heatle replace?

In the beginning, heatle can easily replace

  • any kettle
  • wireless Qi phone charger
  • devices heating milk
  • devices heating baby milk
  • your cooktop/stove and microwave oven when it comes to heating a liquid
  • immersion heater
We are working on features to replace such devices as
  • sous vide stick
  • egg boiler
  • milk frother
  • babyfood warmer
  • anything else that just basically heats up a liquid

How fast is heatle?

If you use a thin-bottom cup, such as a Leonardo Novo, you can usually boil 250ml of water in under a minute. The time goes slightly up with increased bottom thickness. You can see how this performance relates to kettles or your microwave oven HERE. You are also welcome to watch our test video (from December 2019) HERE.

Which cups or vessels can I use?

You can use any vessels which are nonferrous, e.g. your cup/bowl/pot can be made out of

  • glass
  • plastic
  • ceramic
  • porcelain
  • paper
  • wood
And make sure the vessel is capable of holding the temperature you're aiming for. Some cups are not meant to hold boiling (100°C) water, for example. if you have a metallic cup, do not use it on the heatle. Some metals will not be heated, but some will heat your entire cup just like a normal induction cooktop would. Even without the magic wand. It's dangerous, because it heats even the handle and does not control the temperature. Heatle has safety measures in place to detect some metallic cups and shut off, but we still recommend: do not heat metallic cups, unless they are officially tested by heatle.

How much energy can I save?

Quick answer: roughly 50% per cup of boiled water compared with kettles. Heatle is the most energy-efficient way to heat liquids, by design and technology. We convert over 90% of energy (that you end up paying for) into heating your liquid. But it depends on many factors, like the amount of liquid and what you compare your heatle with. You can see how heatle's performance relates to kettles or your microwave oven HERE. You are also welcome to watch our test video (from December 2019) HERE.

Why is heatle so efficient?

There are two factors:

  • Highest efficiency by design: the disc is immersed in your drink and heats it from inside out, not the other way around like all your other devices
  • Highest efficiency by technology: induction is efficient per se, but we've created a bespoke, custom technology that the world hasn't seen yet.
We wirelessly heat a disc that is inside your drink. The heat has nowhere else to go but into the liquid. It cannot get more efficient than that. The efficiency does drop gradually when you use thick cups without using a larger disc, but it still remains higher than in any other device.

How much power does heatle consume?

Heatle can effectively run at up to 2.000W - which is more than most kettles really pull at 220VAC despite their announcement on the box (details HERE). Most of the time, 2.000W are not needed though. For example, to boil 250ml of water in 55 seconds heatle needs only 1.600W in a thin cup. Please note that it's not just about power consumption (energy going in), but also power conversion (energy coming out) - or efficiency. Kettles, for example, waste up to 60% of the energy going in while trying to heat your drink. Heatle wastes only around 5% in the example above. As you can see HERE, the microwave oven runs at lower power (~1.500W) but takes 4x longer and is very wasteful.

How big is heatle? What are the dimensions?

The heatle base is only 18cm in diameter and 6cm tall. The magic wand is around 25cm long.

How can I change the batteries in the magic wand handle?

It depends on the handle type and model, but you can usually remove the cap by pulling it out and just swapping the batteries (AAA). Don't worry, our battery power consumtion is very low. In the future, there will be an even better solution.

How far you in development?

We are getting ready for certification and production. Our technology works flawlessly and is being optimized now with user input and additional data.

How and where can I store the magic wand and discs?

The magic wand and discs are magnetic and can be attached to anything metallic in your kitchen/office that attracts magnets (not all metals are magnetic). We will offer beautiful accessories for storing your heatle wands, but you are free to use anything else. The magnets are powerful enough to hold the wands at any angle (vertically or horizontally).

What is the difference between Power and Soft mode?

When you select P or S for your temperature, you can decide how your liquid will be heated. P as in Power is recommended for water only, or a liquid that is mainly water, such as lemonade or compote (yes, you usually boil them). Heatle will heat your drink with maximum available power and as quickly as possible. S as in Soft is for pretty much all other liquids, especially milk or soup, where you want to avoid burning or boiling over. Heatle will slowly ramp up the power and keep it below the maximum to make sure your liquid is heated evenly and gently. This also means it takes a bit longer than in power mode.

Do I need to hold the magic wand all the time?

No. You don't hold it at all. You put it inside the vessel and let it go until you want to stop the heating process - or when it ends by itself.

How thick can the bottom be?

We've gone up to 2cm and above, which is already insanely thick for a cup/vessel (and insanely far for that technology). The power and speed do drop with increased distance to the base, so if you want your tea or milk heated fast, don't use those super thick cups. It will work, but take more time. However, if you must use such a thick vessel, you can increase the power significantly by using a larger disc (we will offer multiple sizes). If the bottom of the vessel is wide enough to host a larger disc, always take the largest one you can fit to ensure best power transfer and speed. But anyway, the idea of heatle is so you don't have to lift heavy objects. Why would you want to combine heavylifting with drinking tea? But if you're in doubt, ping us.

Safety & health

Does the handle get hot?

The heatle handle does not get hot. The only part that gets heated is the disc in your cup. The magic wand itself heats up gradually and slowly with the liquid, but the handle itself always stays cool and safe to touch.

Is heatle safe to use for children or seniors?

Yes, heatle was designed by people who are parents and grandchildren at the same time. We want our children and relatives to be able to simply and safely heat liquids.

What happens when I leave spoons, keys or other metallic objects on my heatle?

No worries, heatle has a state-of-the-art FOD, or foreign object detection. Heatle knows what the magic wand/disc or Qi phones "look" like and pings them when you start your heating process. If your heatle does not recognize the object on the base, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to heat it (e.g. some special cup or Moka pot). If it's a phone, it will be charged instead.

What about lime scale?

First off, lime scale is not dangerous per se. But it does have some major drawbacks, especially in your kettle:

  • It does affect the taste of your liquid, especially tea, but everything else too, including soups and baby formula
  • Your kettle needs more energy to heat your water when lime scale builds up
  • Bacteria just love the moist, warm and rocky environment
  • And it is just gross to look at after a few weeks of use at home (or usually a few days in your office)
Heatle does nothing magical with your water. However, the major change that comes with using a heatle is that your lime scale does not build up over days and weeks. You heat a cup/pot, the lime scale sticks to the disc, you wash it off - done. Or just let your dishwasher do the job.

Which materials get in touch with my hot drink?

There are no plastic or silicone parts being heated inside your drink. Thus no BPA. The magic wand is made of stainless steel, like your induction cookware. It doesn't get cleaner than that!

Is the heatle magic wand dishwasher-proof?

Yes, you can put it in the dishwasher.

How do I clean my heatle?

You can wipe the glass top with a cloth. It's top-notch borosilicate and will not be scratched that easily, don't worry. To clean the disc, you can rinse it, scrub it with a metal sponge or drop it in the dishwasher. You can use vinegar or citric acid to clean it as well.

Is the hot disc dangerous? Can I burn myself with it?

The disc only gets as hot as the liquid it's in. Just like your kettle gets piping hot, so does our disc if you boil the water to 100°C. If you are not afraid of burning your hands on your kettle, you should really not be concerned with heatle. Here are a few things you should know:

  • The disc is muuuuch smaller than the kettle or cooking pot, so touching it by accident is less likely.
  • You can briefly rinse the disc under tap water - after only 3 seconds it's cold or safe to touch.
  • The disc is magnetic and you can easily stow it away, e.g. click it onto a metal panel out of reach.

Can the magic wand fall over while heating in a regular vessel?

No, not with our patent-pending technology. We haven't found a regular vessel yet where it would become dangerous or anything. If you're in doubt, ping us.

Technology & devices

I have an electric kettle. Why do I need a heatle?

When do you really need 1.7 liters of water? Do you really just heat what you need - or 2-3 times more most of the time? If you constantly need large amounts of boiling water with gross lime-scale flakes and if you don't care about energy wasted, you might as well stick to your kettle. Like all of us do. Or did. Heatle is meant to be the first user- and eco-friendly alternative. Now, for the very first time, when you toss your kettle in the trash because it gets too filthy or old, you have something to choose from. Heatle can do everything your kettle does in a much better way - and soooo much more. Heatle has various advantages over any kettle out there. The only advantage of a kettle is that it can be acquired dirt cheap. But it's not the only dirty aspect of a kettle. Advantages of a heatle over any kettle:

  • heats any liquid, not just water
  • heats any amount, no minimum requirements
  • precise temperature measurement
  • no lime-scale build-up over days and weeks
  • no plastics or silicone in your drink
  • no BPA and other nasties
  • dozens of additional features, like phone charging, sous vide, egg boiling...
  • safe for people of all ages
  • light-weight to use by the elderly
  • kettles waste ~50% of energy per cup, heatle only ~5%
  • heatle can be recycled and repaired
  • can be used on your desk

Can I use the magic wand on my existing induction cooktop?

Short answer: no. The disc is only 4cm in diameter and will not be recognized by any existing induction cooktop. They are designed for larger pots, 10cm and above. Heatle is the first technology and device that can not only detect, but also quickly heat such a small object.

I already have an induction cooktop. Why do I need a heatle?

Your induction cooktop is great for making food, not heating liquids. It cannot measure the temperature and you usually don't have vessels to heat, let's say, a small cup of milk - not without it burning or your constant supervision. Heatle is a great addition to your cooktop because it's amazing at doing stuff your cooktop is really not designed for.

Can I have the heatle technology be integrated in my countertop/worktop or table?

Yes, heatle tech can run "invisibly" on your existing surfaces without any device standing on them. However, this will need to be done by instructed professionals (retro-fitting) or you can acquire tables, kitchentops and other surfaces with the heatle tech already included.

I heard kettles are almost 100% efficient. Is that true? And if so...

Okay, okay, now hold on. We will make a special video on this topic because it's really interesting. Kettles have several layers of inefficiency by design - remember, the electric kettle as you know it today was invented 65 years ago and hasn't changed a lot.
Kettles use resistive heating to become hot. Same as your usual cooktop (without induction) when it glows red when you turn it on. Kettles convert electricity into heat which eventually heats your liquid. Eventually. The very core of the resistive heating element is very efficient indeed. But it's also quite far away from your liquid, isn't it? Here is a typical kettle heat flow:

  1. Electricity flows through the heating element inside the kettle's bottom and starts heating it up.
  2. The heating element is not the spiral thing you may have seen in you washing machine - it's actually a wire hidden deep inside that thing. That means it is insulated, often with multiple layers. So the heat from the "hot wire" needs to heat all the insulation around it.
  3. Now, when you look inside your kettle, you normally see a flat bottom, not the heating spiral hidden below. That means, the insulated spiral has to heat the kettle bottom.
  4. Now the bottom starts to get hot and heat up the liquid. But some of the heat also heats the kettle walls as well.
  5. If you kettle doesn't have a temperature sensor inside (which normally adds heated silicone or plastic layers in your water), it will shut off just like 65 years ago - when the steam has managed to turn off the switch. It can take up to 30 seconds or more for your lazy kettle switch to react to that steam after your water starts boiling, especially when you heat smaller amounts.
As a result, your kettle will waste 40-60% of energy to boil a cup of water. So yes, the heating element deeeeep inside your kettle is really efficient, but it's just too far away from the actual liquid to make the kettle as a whole in any way eco-friendly.

I use my microwave oven to heat milk or cocoa. How is heatle better?

We truly respect people who use microwave ovens to heat liquids, especially for their children or babies when you want full control over the temperature. Not that we know any such people, but we would definitely respect them. Because... how many watts and seconds do you need to heat 170ml of milk to 40°C? Your MW oven was not built to heat liquids to certain temperatures. It can be great for food though, if you know how to use it safely. And popcorn. Yeah, definitely popcorn. No drinks though.

I happen to have an immersion heater. Why can't I just use it?

You sure can. If you just want to boil water and nothing else, don't need temperature settings and are aware of the fire hazard, you're good to go. Just please don't give it to your kids or senior family members.

How is heatle different from Miito?

Let's put both devices on the table, plug them in and see. You will quickly notice: heatle is a product that actually exists and actually works. We developed and tested the technology before we started raising money. Miito raised money and couldn't develop what they promised.

How is heatle related to "Just my mug" by Groupe SEB?

Just like Miito, Just My Mug (JMM) is based on an idea and patent from 1997. You can read more about it HERE. Heatle is the first properly working technology in the world. In contrast to Miito, however, JMM managed to build a prototype powered by Groupe SEB, the world's leading manufacturer of home appliances (Tefal, WMF...), yet that technology did not solve the problems that everyone else, including Miito, was struggling with, such as the movement of the disc, no plastics in the drink and, most importantly, high power transfer. With only 300W, JMM would take way too long to heat a liquid and was not a viable solution.

How did you patent heatle if it's not a new idea?

As mentioned HERE, the idea behind heatle and other projects goes way back to 1997. Thus, we did not patent the idea of an inductive immersion heater - we patented ways to make this idea work (because we are the first in the world to succeed at making one).

Is heatle faster than a kettle?

Heatle is faster than any kettle we have tested HERE. It's faster for 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter (and beyond) while being a lot more energy-efficient. However, if you use a very thick cup with a very narrow bottom, your heatle will take a bit longer than your kettle - but it will still be a lot more efficient, safe and clean.

Ordering & pricing

When and where can I get my heatle?

Heatle is estimated to be available in early 2021. Please join the waitlist (for free) to stay up to date on all updates and discounts.

How much will a heatle cost?

This is not officially announced yet, please stay tuned and join the waitlist to be the first to know!

How can I try a heatle?

Sign up to the waitlist to be first to know when/where you can access a live demo or early beta phase.

Can I get a discount?

There is still no official price and you want it cheaper already? :) Join the waitlist to be the first to know the pricing policy and any first edition discounts you may be eligible for.

Use cases

Can I use Alexa or my voice to control my heatle?

Yes, you will be able to enter voice commands via Alexa/Google Home or through the heatle app. It is yet to be determined when this feature will be available, but it will be added free of charge as a software update for all heatle owners.

Can I charge my phone on my heatle?

Yes, if your phone supports Qi (which most modern phones do), you can put it on the base and charge it with the highest supported power.

Does heatle work with Moka pots?

Yes, heatle can heat your Moka pots. Enjoy your fresh, tasty coffee :)

Can I cook with normal pans or pots on my heatle?

Yes, it is technically possible. We will share more details with our waitlist subscribers over the next months.

Can I heat my baby milk/formula with heatle?

Yes. There are a few ways of doing it. As parents ourselves, we recommend to use our custom babymilk program:

  1. Boil the water in the container (or any other cup/vessel you like).
  2. Let it cool down to ~39°C.
  3. Send notification (sound or to your phone) when it has cooled down.
  4. You mix in the powder, shake it and feed the baby. The temperature should be 36-37°C by that time.
This program can be timed as well, so it can automatically go through all the steps in the middle of the night and ping you before the last step. You can, of course, heat the milk (with powder) to 37°C, but it will be difficult to dissolve the fatty powder in cold water and you need to make sure that your mixture is fresh.

Can I use my heatle with batteries, e.g. for camping or travel?

No, not at this stage - unless your batteries can supply heatle with high voltage. But it is technically possible to run heatle in low power mode with batteries (you'd need to wait longer though). Stay tuned and join the waitlist.

Can I use the magic wand to measure any temperature?

Yes, you can connect it to the heatle app and dip it into your soup or bath tub to read the current temperature. You could even magnetically attach it to your balcony or outside window frame and read the temperature :)

Which temperature do I need?

Heatle offers you maximum flexibility when it comes to hot beverages such as babymilk, cocoa, green tea, glühwein etc. Sometimes you may not know the perfect temperature for your liquid - so we offer you presets in the heatle app which are based on average knowledge. You can always create your own custom presets and quickly access them via knob or app - or get the data from our database if you have no idea whatsoever. Join the waitlist to get updates on this very feature because there is something cool we have planned.

What does the kids mode do?

Can I heat Glühwein (glogg) or bouillon?


Can I use Bodum PAVINA or other double wall glasses with heatle?

No, not at this stage. Unless your glass has a fairly flat bottom wide enough for our disc - then you might want to give it a try (or tell us the model and we do it for you). We'd still recommend you use your regular cups - or a big tea pot, and then you pour the hot water/tea into the double wall glasses.

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