This isn't yet another e-scooter or mattress. If you dare to be the first (and last) mover in a massive market and risk rather turns you on, you're crazy enough to heat us up.

you can't possibly be too crazy for us

We are always looking for people with a strong passion to make a change for the better. Yeah, emphasis on people, not CV or alma mater. Unless you're an engineer - then please bring some relevant experience or wow us otherwise.

To apply, simply...

  • Send an email to 

  • Paste your LinkedIn url

  • Share a link to a video including

    • You! Make sure you're visible & audible.

    • Potato quality is ok. We're in Germany.

    • The stage is yours. One take, no cuts.

    • <60 seconds. Be sharp, not fast.

    • Name your favorite playwright & play.

We all appreciate an open-minded, respectful and transparent atmosphere where everyone shares knowledge and aims for the best possible solution by constantly challenging the status quo.

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