sneaky selfie by David & Wachtang, founders

Did you know that Miele (yep, THE Miele) used to build such motorcycles - and even a car?

We didn't either - until we visited their HQ in 2019 and snuck into their museum (psst, don't tell them!) since we got really curious.

We also didn't realize how mind-bogglingly wasteful our kettles and daily habits for heating liquids were - until we got curious and did our research. We also realized that, for decades, the consumer has had no choice.

We believe there comes a time when certain things belong in a museum so that all the focus and passion can be dedicated to what is new, outstanding and makes the world better.

It's never too early to start shaping a better world,

so we travelled back to 2020 to bring you the technology of the future.

Together, we can change the world for the better.
Are you joining the heatle revolution?

we want to make our day-to-day lives, gadgets and processes more enjoyable and sustainable

purpose-driven pros, maverick minds and ingenious innovators

the world's first eco-friendly and easy-to-use technology

to heat any sort of liquid

To build hot products that solve burning problems,

it takes exceptional people with a bold purpose.



Nobody knows their way through a jungle of wires and components better than our ingenious Dr. Heatle. Doc is the mastermind behind the revolutionary invention that will change our lives.

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Attracting business, people and ideas is the vocation of our Mr. Magnet. He totally enjoys switching polarities to unveil new perspectives and stays intact when most other magnets burn out.

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design & comms

What wood we do without our eco-conscious Madam Wood? Probably less cheap puns...
She naturally designs and communicates our hot products and news in a cool way. Knock on wood! (-_-*)

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business development

A classy wearer of stainless shirts, our Sir Steel remains strong, durable and, well, stainless even in rough environments of day-to-day business operations and partnership management.

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Every legend has a beginning.

This is our making-of-behind-the-scenes-backstage-sneak-peek.

For many years, all of us had been working our 9-5 jobs for companies that had either great people, great products or a great purpose. But none of us had ever managed to land in the sweet spot of all three aspects at once.

We all want to make the world a better place for ourselves, our families and the global biosphere at large. It's a big challenge to create a product that adds value and is sustainable. But we've accepted this challenge and went a long way to make it happen. We created a product that makes heating liquids fun, easy, fast, safe, and sustainable, thus helping you to save time, nerves and money while saving valuable energy and resources.

In 2015, electrical engineer David moved from London to Berlin and started working on his own solution for sustainable, safe water heating after his little son burned his hand on the stove.

When approached by Miito, a young startup that was then widely celebrated for their beautiful design for the 1997 idea, he joined as lead engineer to help them bring that old idea to life and make liquid heating safe and sustainable.

However, thousands of orders and many awards later, there was still no real breakthrough in R&D. The empty 3D print from the successful Kickstarter campaign could never house all the high power electronics, and gently sparkling water in the video could never be replaced with viciously boiling liquid.


The highly anticipated project went bankrupt long after David had left. 2 years later, the industry giant Groupe SEB, well aware of the high demand, gave it another try, but never surpassed 300W (or 6+ minutes for a cup of tea).

David, however, had never given up on the idea of a wireless immersion heater, and spent countless hours tinkering in his tiny workshop on nights and weekends for over 3 years. It wasn't until early 2019 when he finally figured it all out and managed to build a first working prototype.

Did it look good? Hell no. But this jungle of wires, custom circuits and components was the very beginning of an industry-defining journey of what would later become known as heatle®.

David, the undisputed Lord of that cable jungle, quickly realized that it was time to scale up and ask for professional support.

After quitting his job as EMEA Sales Director at Visa, he was coaching and helping startups while working on his own sustainability projects. After being introduced by a mutual friend, he dropped by to merely give David some business advice.

That the 15 minute slot would not suffice became apparent after Wachtang walked out of the lab over 3.5 hours later - and a brand-new "co-founder" title richer. Born and raised in the Soviet Union, he had a traditional passion for immersion heaters and used to work on alternative, safer designs with his father. Bingo!

The two hit it off immediately and, under the temporary and goofy code name "Moheato", embarked on a long, purpose-driven journey full of hot beverages and unintended explosions.

Pioneers and innovators always struggle to find people bold, visionary and perhaps crazy enough to support them. Luckily, with heatle® there is no need to force anyone to believe that what we do is important, unique and undeniably massive.

In early 2020, brilliant (and equally crazy) minds and avid sustainability advocates Lana and Zenel joined our final sprint before market entry to contribute their knowledge, time and potential and finally make our mutual dream of the world's first smart and eco-friendly heater a reality. We are super excited to see how heatle® will positively impact your own daily life at home and work - and, of course, the environment.

Big thanks to The Drivery Berlin for the time machine

and Alex Masshold and Eugen Karl for the fabulous photo shoots.

This is it. This is our story. It all begins here.



Heatle won the 1st place at the prestigious BPW2020, the Special Sustainability Award as well as the  EMC  Award powered by Siemens in Fall 2020.

Heatle has become the first startup to win ALL main annual awards in all 25 years of the traditional BPW competition.




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