Pure taste.

Pure conscience.

Heatle heats any liquid in the vessel of your choice to the desired temperature. Enjoy a clean, sustainable experience without plastics, BPA, lime scale and energy waste. Cheers!

Bluetooth chip

Mineral glass


Silky matt finish

LED matrix

Elegant carbon

Food-grade steel

Natural wood

Subtle, yet groundbreaking.

For a sustainable future.

Heatle is designed to tackle the massive energy waste of kettles and other appliances for liquid heating, as well as the unrecyclable e-waste they become.



Heatle is the world's first smart liquid heater which simply heats water, milk or other liquids right in your cup or any vessel to the desired temperature.


Powered by our proprietary, pioneering technology made in Germany, Heatle changes the way we heat liquids for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

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Heatle is supported by the European Social Fund and the state of Berlin.

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